FY22 HSTW/MMGW Task Forces

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SBIG Task Force Members

The expectations for the SBIG Task Force members are to explore promising practices by schools and districts implementing standards-based instruction school-wide (K-12) or in individual classrooms, adopting standards-based report cards, and engaging staff in aligning lessons and assessments to standards.

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K-12 STEM Task Force Members

The expectations for the STEM Task Force members are to explore promising practices by HSTW/MMGW sites and other schools and districts recognized as an Ohio STEM district/school or offer STEM courses or programs school-wide or in classrooms. SREB Advanced Career and the Northern Ohio Rural STEM Collaborative efforts will be showcased.

As a result of participation, task force members will:

  • Understand the barriers and promising practices by districts and schools currently implementing research-based practices to avoid major setbacks.

  • Learn the steps taken by administrators and teachers in exploring, planning, and implementing research-based practices that have resulted in the changes desired with data-driven results that indicate improved student outcomes and achievement.

  • Explain the impact to administrators, teachers, students, and parents from districts/schools implementing the research-based practices.

  • Build capacity and buy-in for change by engaging district/teacher leaders in professional development.

  • Network with HSTW/MMGW task force member district/school sites to share best practices.